Oh Mystery Jets.

We have fond memories of the Mystery Jets here at FACT. Those early singles. The Justice remix of ‘Can’t Fool me Dennis’. The three and a half minutes we spent wondering whether Eel Pie Island was actually a real place. The over-elaborate ways Blaine must have tried to score with girls at their shows when his dad was in the band. Etc.

Anyway, they haven’t done much for a while, the Jets, but now they’re back with a free-to-download new track, ‘Flash a Hungry Smile’. It’s the first track to be taken from album number three, Serotonin, which is due to be released on July 5 via Rough Trade.

Chris Thomas, who worked on ‘Anarchy in the UK’, Paris 1919, Different Class and other such pieces of musical history, has produced the album.

Download: Mystery Jets – Flash a Hungry Smile
(Available for seven days)



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