Hey, remember that new limited Dan Deacon single we told you about?

Remember how we told you it was called ‘Woof Woof’, and how it’s the new 12″ on Amazing Sounds, the label run by Allez Allez? After the first 12″ they put out with Appleblim, Shackleton and Komonazmuk remixing Harmonia and Brian Eno tunes from ’76? And how this one had a Hudson Mohawke remix, which you could stream? And remixes by Allez Allez and Luke Abbott?

And remember how you thought ‘hey, that’s cool, but what would be even cooler is if I could download one of those remixes? Say, the Allez Allez one?

Well now you can do so, right hurr.

Download: Dan Deacon – Woof Woof (Allez Allez remix)
(Available for seven days)



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