So FACT spent a good part of last year in pretty deep with the music of 10-20 – a dude from Devon who made this amazing ambient-cum-industrial that looked to Aphex, Burial, Actress and the rest of that good stuff. He did a FACT mix, his debut album (10-20) featured high on our albums of last year, the usual.

Post-debut album, 10-20’s been getting weirder, releasing a series of “Landforms” EPs based vaguely on different geographic formations, and here he remixes fellow Highpoint Lowlife-r Erik XVI in typically gaseous style, with mechanical whirs and clangs fighting ethereal shapes in the greyest corners of your mind.

And yes, the song title does feature the words “I Bender”. Quiet in front.

Download: Erik XVI – Kalabaliken i Bender (10-20 remix)
(Available for seven days)



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