This week sees the release of Nonplace 10th Anniversary, a compilation of fourteen exclusive cuts from Burnt Friedman’s Nonplace label.

Nonplace is all about dub, as Friedman explains: “Dub is a method! It allows me to obtain constantly different results on the basis of the same material. The more pronounced the level of improvisation during the mix, the more the raw material, the original, is forced into the background, sometimes even maltreated to the point of being unrecognizable. The procedure allows me to highlight certain musical features of a song while wholly ignoring other ingredients – most likely foreground components such as vocals or instrumental solos.

“The resultant numbers come closer to my own perspective: they’re de-cored, so to speak, no longer have a centre. From this point of view neither jazz nor dub are styles. They are tags made up to avoid the artist’s name, to give them a commonplace, as opposed to a Nonplace!”

The best-known releases on the label have come from Friedman in collaboration with Can drummer Jaki Liebezeit, with other notable offerings coming from The Embassadors (Hayden Chisholm), Joseph Suchy and Flanger (Friedman and FACT favourite Atom™). Rashad Becker, revered engineer at Berlin’s Dubplates+Mastering, has not only mastered the anniversary compilation but re-mixed three tracks from the label’s back catalogue for inclusion on it. Mark Ernestus (Basic Channel / Rhythm & Sound) weighs in with a mix and co-production of a previously unreleased Embassadors title.

1. Friedman & Liebezeit: The Librarian (Friedman Remix)
2. Prof. Psygrooves: Flow (Friedman Remix)
3. The Embassadors: Iboga Dreamtime (medium)
4. The Embassadors: Makena (Mark Ernestus Mix)
5. Burnt Friedman: Where Should I Go ? (Instrumental Remix)
6. Burnt Friedman: Roots Automation
7. Flanger: Funeral March (Remix)
8. Root 70 (plays Flanger): Nightbeat (Flanger Remix)
9. Flanger: Crime In The Pale Moonlight (Remix)
10. Flanger: Crime In The Pale Moonlight (Rashad Becker Remix)
11. Flanger: Peninsula (2010 License Version)
12. Liebezeit & Friedman: The Sticks (Rashad Becker Remix)
13. Dream Sequence (Soundtrack)
14. Root 70 (plays B.Friedman): Gruppenreise (Rashad Becker Remix)
15. Friedman & Liebezeit: Wirklich (Friedman Remix)



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