Dam Mantle doesn’t quite have The Internet Going Nuts like Paul Wall, but the Glaswegian does have people talking right now.

Like fellow Scot Rudi Zygadlo, Dam Mantle’s part of a wave of producers making music at the crossroads between the wilder grime/dubstep side of bass music and the more accessible nuances of Gold Panda et al. Which is all good, really.

Here his ‘Theatre’ is remixed to sterling effect by former Glasgow resident 8Bitch, who we’ll always have time for here at FACT, because a) she did us a mix in January, b) she is ace at music, and c) her Twitter game is strong. Which is 50% of how we judge artists these days. The other 50% is based on haircut.

This one’s got squiggly vocals, bits that twinkle like stars harmonising, and a big effervescent breakdown at the end. Throw it in the bag.

Download: Dam Mantle – Theatre (8Bitch remix)
(Available for seven days)



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