Much-blogged-about Florida duo Sleigh Bells will release their debut album, Treats, on May 11.

The album will be out via Mom+Pop and M.I.A.’s N.E.E.T. imprint; you can download opening track ‘Tell ‘Em’ now over at the band’s myspace.

“[The album is] kind of varied,” Sleigh Bells’ Derek told FACT in a recent interview, “I think there’s a pretty broad range of moods throughout it really. The middle of the record has a couple of songs that aren’t quite as inventive, but overall it’s mostly very up and hopefully energetic…”

1. Tell ‘Em
2. Kids
3. Riot Rhythm
4. Infinity Guitars
5. Run the Heart
6. Rachel
7. Rill Rill
8. Crown On the Ground
9. Straight A’s
10. A/B Machines
11. Treats



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