Zola Jesus and Burial Hex’s excellent, untitled split LP of 2009 has just been repressed.

Out on the Aurora Borealist label, the LP is cut on clear 160g vinyl. Dark wave electronics maestro Burial Hex offers up two tracks that marry pulsating, analogue synth-based instrumental textures with scouring black metal vocals, fully justifying the “horror electronics” tag that he’s so often saddled with. Fans of John Carpenter, Lustmord, Scorn, Earth and their ominous ilk will feel right at home.

Zola Jesus (pictured), the talented Wisconsin 21-year-old who has become something of a poster-girl for a notional goth revival, weighs in with a 19-minute collaboration with Dead Luke that explores more electronic territory than the billowing Spectorish (or should that be spectre-ish?) pop of her signature tune, ‘Devil Take You’.

Really strong stuff, this, though of course not for everyone – more info and samples here.

A1. Burial Hex – Go Crystal Tears
A2. Burial Hex – Temple Of The Flood
B1. Zola Jesus – Julius & Ethel

Interesting profile of Zola Jesus here.



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