There’s no doubt that Riz Ahmed is a talented actor, with notable leading roles in Shifty and Chris Morris’s new Four Lions. But his parallel music career as Riz MC? Er, not so good. And there’s only one thing worse than dodgy music – “high concept” dodgy music.

This from a press release received today:

“MICroscope initiates you into the sonic war that rages all around us… where the viral power of music and the physical force of sound vibrations are used by corporations and officialdom to control airwaves, physical and digital space, and ultimately to control the listeners themselves.  The secretive, outlawed MICroscope resistance controversially fight fire with fire, initiating recruits and immunizing the public with their own psychsonics, and S.I.C.k. (sonic immersion for cerebral kinesis).

“Due to be unveiled in September this year, RIZ mc’s debut album MICroscope sets him apart as a singular voice with an innovative and bold musical vision.  The album comes coupled with a groundbreaking high concept live show and trans-media online experience: rather than perform his album live, Riz MC has created an interactive live experience in which the audience become part of the show itself.

“The music will indeed be played (fans will get to hear music from the forthcoming album), but through a themed storyline complete with actors/musicians – the only way to understand this highly psychological experience is to experience it for oneself.  This show is an innovation for live music performance and for the music industry as a business model.  The show debuted as a work-in-progress at Sadlers Wells Theatre in November 2009, and will tour at the end of 2010.

“It will also show at Latitude Festival this July.

At the live show and online, MICroscope invites you into a world of secret agencies, experiments, sound wars, and mind control in a battle of bass and beats.  A secret corporate / government programme of Sonic Immersion for Cerebral Kinesis (S.I.C.K.) hunts R12MC (Resistance AGENT 12 – music & control) who leads the MICroscope sonic resistance and are fighting back with their own sonic immersions. The results (experience of the show) will move your mind.


Definitely won’t see you there.



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