Last week we profiled Zerkalo, a collaboration between Victoria Lukas and Dopplereffekt’s Heinrich Mueller. We’ve since learned that another recently formed, Mueller-assisted project – Zwischenwelt – will release its debut album on Rephlex this summer.

Zwischenwelt is German for ‘between-world’, an appropriate handle given the group’s interest in the paranormal. Combining the talents of former Drexciya member Mueller, New York DJ/producer Susana Correia, Spanish producer Penelope Lopez and vocalist Beta Evers (who operates a number of German labels, including Kommando 6), Zwischenwelt’s as-yet-untitled LP was created largely through the passing of parts back and forth across the web.

“After experimenting with all of our voices, we opted to mainly use Beta’s,” Correia tells Derek Walmsley in the June 2010 issue of The Wire, out now. “With the right placement, treatment and proper lyrical content, it works to conjure these feelings, images and ideas of this parallel dimension. In hearing these voices you are hearing the voice of the astral plane.”

Er, right then. You can listen to two tracks, ‘ShadowBeing’ and ‘Extransensory’, over at the Zwischenwelt myspace.

Mueller (real name Gerald Donald) is no stranger to Rephlex, having previously released records on the label as Arpanet and (with James Stinson) Drexciya. More details on the Zwischenwelt album when we have them.



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