Ducktails, real name Matthew Mondanile, might not quite be President of Chillwave (that’s Ariel Pink), but he’s certainly Shadow Chancellor at least.

The California New Jersey man has been turning heads with his gently psychedelic Polaroid pop for a while now, releasing two acclaimed albums last year (Ducktails and Landscapes) along with a slew of 7” and digital releases.

The latest step in the Ducktails, er, tale is ‘Mirror Image’, a limited 7” on Norfolk, Virginia label Shdwply, who have released music by Sore Eros and more in the past.

‘Mirror Image’ comes with a second track, ‘Applewalk’, and will be released on May 15. It also has rather fetching sleeve art, which you can check out below.

A. Applewalk
B. Mirror Image



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