AGF and Gudrun Gut have joined forces for a new collaborative project, Greie Gut Fraktion.

Gudrun Gut is a revered veteran of Berlin’s electronic music underground, a former member of Malaria! and Einsturzende Neubauten who now operates the Monika Enterprise label. Her last solo album was 2007’s excellent I Put A Record On. AGF is self-proclaimed “poem-producer”, musician and sound-artist Antye Greie, well-regarded for her solo output as well as collaborations with her husband Sasu Ripatti, AKA Vladislav Delay.

An album from Greie Gut Fraktion, entitled Baustelle, is on its way – but first comes a 12″, Stadt Mixe. Out May 21, it features three remixes of the track ‘Wir bauen eine neue Stadt’.

Originally a hit in 1981 for Holger Hiller and Thomas Fehlmann’s band Palais Schaumburg, Greie Gut Fraktion recorded their own version of the track as part of a commission for BBC Radio’s Late Junction. That recordings appears here, alongside versions from Alva Noto and Wolfgang Voigt.

Alva Noto is the nom de guerre of Carsten Nicolai, acclaimed multi-disciplinary artist and co-founder of Raster-Noton. Wolfgang Voigt is co-founder of the Kompakt and Profan labels, and perhaps best known for his seminal work under the names GAS and Mike Ink. Allied to his own forthcoming album Freiland Klaviermusik, Voigt presents two piano-oriented remixes of ‘Wir bauen eine neue Stadt’, nicely contrasting the more austere electronic minimalism of Nicolai’s effort.


1.  Wir bauen eine neue Stadt – Alva Noto – Remodel
2.  Wir bauen eine neue Stadt – GGF Shortcut
3.  Wir bauen eine neue Stadt – Wolfgang Voigt – Freiland Klaviermix 1
4.  Wir bauen eine neue Stadt – Wolfgang Voigt – Freiland Klaviermix 2



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