Today’s Daily Download is an absolute beast of a track, built by Finland-based producer Gremino.

We first encountered Gremino’s work when Jam City used the fearsome ‘Shining’ in his 2009 FACT mix, and we’ve been closely following his erratic exploits ever since.

This month he releases a new four-track EP on the UK’s own Rag & Bone Records, taking influences from all over the shop – in particular funky, garage and (to our ears at least) 90s euro-rave – and condensing ’em into sleek, devastating dancefloor missiles.

The sub-heavy ‘Bleak Rocking’ has all the pace, aggression and elastic energy of early grime (it made us think of Rag & Bone’s ‘Dead Letter Drop’ white label from a few years back), but with spidery drum patterns that owe a debt to broken beat. “Old-school grinding” says the tagline on Gremino’s myspace page; we couldn’t put it better ourselves.

Top gear, this. The It’s Working EP is out now; to listen to clips of all four tracks and more info, visit Rag & Bone here.

Download: Gremino – Bleak Rocking
(Available for seven days)



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