FACT once had the pleasure – and mild terror – of riding shotgun with Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston on a long car trip down to the West Country.

What really sticks in the mind was the soundtrack: over the course of the 3-hour journey, Weatherall and Johnston played each other dizzying selections of cold-blooded narco-disco and dark-hearted rockabilly, interspersed with oddities from the backpages of post-punk, industrial and kosmische. FACT didn’t recognise a single goddamned track, but everyone was special.

The reason for this reverie is that the London-based duo, who have been friends for two decades, are starting a new clubnight at intimate Stoke Newington basement spot, The Drop. Having been privately blowing each other’s minds for years with their hard-earned audio finds – whether in their cars, at each other’s gaffs, or elsewhere – they finally decided that it was time to find a public outlet to air the very best of ’em. And so A Love From Outer Space was born.

“Never knowingly exceeding 122bpm”, Weatherall and Johnston will both DJ at this new monthly Thursday night residency, kicking off on May 20. The night runs 10pm-late and entry is £4; there will be free and exclusive mix CDs for the first 100 guests. Check out the charts below for an idea of what to expect music-wise, and keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates of future exploits.

Andrew Weatherall needs no introduction, being a certified national treasure; Sean Johnston is one half of supreme disco editing duo The Hardway Brothers and a former member of Sabres of Paradise signings Flash Faction (check the 1994 12″ ‘Repoman’).

Andrew Weatherall’s A Love From Outer Space 10
1. Canto Della Liberto / 3rd Face [Dirtyhouse]
2. Motorcycles[Neville Watson mix] / Tiago [Hands Of Time]
3. Away / To Rococo Rot [Domino]
4. A Man Of Experience And Wisdom / Mulatu Astatke [Mixed Blood
[Zolepar Edit]
5. Mind Games / Architeq [Tirk]
6. 1987 [Richard Sen remix] / Diskjokke [CDR]
7. Talagh / Googoosh [Finders Keepers]
8. O Deo / Higamos Hogamos [All Time Low]
9. Friday 13th Pt.3 / Cage And Avery [Walls Have Ears]
[L.A. dub]
10. How To Play Frisbee / Free Disco [Strange Desire]

Sean Johnston’s A Love From Outer Space 10

1) Cluster – Hollywood
2) Wolfmother – Cosmic Egg (Mungolian Jetset Remix)
3) Creation Rebel & The New Age Steppers – Chemical Specialist
4) Randy Pie – Back To Universe
5) Fashion – Streetplayer/ Mechanik (Mutant Mix Mechanik)
6) LoSoul – Open Door
7) The Big Crunch Theory – Distortion (DJ Koze Remix Instrumental)
8 ) Nakion – Arcadia
9) Pascal FEOS – Makina
10) Glass Candy – Sugar & Whitebread (Instrumental)



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