He’s been making music since 2000, releasing a pretty vast number of records along the way, but we first became aware of West-Midlands-hailing ASC last year, when we heard snatches of his work cropping up on Instra:mental’s Autonomic podcasts, and later copped his storming ‘Porcelain’ 12″ on their Nonplus label.

Our interest was piqued even more by a promo mix that ASC (real name James Clemens) recorded for Fabric, showcasing his chilly techno, dubstep and garage-inflected take on drum ‘n bass perfectly.

That minimal, swinging style is full evidence on Nothing In Certain, a full-length album to be released by Nonplus on August 2. It features thirteen original tracks, including collaborations with Consequence (‘Fade Away Seasons’) and Vaccine (‘Opus’).  There will also be a vinyl edition featuring six of the CD album’s tracks pressed nice and loud, one to a side, across three LPs.

1. Midnight
2. Absent Mind
3. Fade Away Sessions
4. Lost For Words
5. The Depths
6. Textura
7. Losing You
8. The Ubiquity Incident
9. Yatta
10. Matter Of Time
11. Opus
12. Conversations
13. Microsia

Vinyl tracklist:
A. Absent Mind
B. Fade Away Seasons
C. Lost For Words
D. The Depths
E. The Ubiquity Incident
F. Opus



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