Lukid, a key member of Actress’ Werk Discs stable, will release a third album for the label, titled Chord.

No information past the cover art, which was posted on the Werk Discs Twitter page last night, but it reveals that it will be a vinyl release, with eleven tracks. Some of them (‘Chord’, Veto’, ‘Saddlebags’) already appeared on the last Lukid album, Foma, which was never available on vinyl, while some of them appear to be new.

Lukid, real name Luke Blair, recently appeared on Ghostly International with two remixes of Osborne, but his home is Werk Discs, where he’s released two excellent albums: 2007’s Onandon and 2008’s Foma. Lukid’s sound is rooted in hip-hop, but his tastes range way beyond that – his regular Ustream radio shows find him playing African music, jazz, vintage electronica and tons more, and we’d recommend you check them out.

No idea about release date on this one, but you’ll know when it comes.

A1 Chord
B1 Veto
B2 Rags
C1 Hair of the Dog
C2 Child of the Jago
D1 Saddlebags
D2 Through Gritted Teeth
E1 Lego
E2 Spiller
F1 Stripes
F2 Make



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