As of, let’s see, 10 hours ago, there are a batch of new Ikonika tracks streaming on her Soundcloud.

Some, like her remix of New York band Cubic Zirconia’s ‘Hoes’ and ‘Dckhdbtch’, have been floating around Ikonika’s DJ mixes for a while, while others, like ‘You Are Almost There’ are less familiar to us. Either way, it’s something to listen to on a Friday morning, right?

The remix of American Men’s ‘Claude Speeeed’ by Ikonika and Optimum will be coming out on LuckyMe, while ‘Aqueous Cream’ is pencilled in as the first single on the pair’s Hum & Buzz label. As for the others, feel free to fill in the blanks.

You can stream all the tracks here.

Photo by Steve Braiden



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