As previously reported, the Ghost Box label is set to begin a regular run of 7″ and download singles under the banner Study Series.

Details of the series have now been revealed. The first two singles will be available to order from Ghost Box as of July 2.

Study Series 01 is entitled ‘Youth And Recreation’ and is a collaboration between Belbury Poly (AKA Ghost Box co-founder Jim Jupp) and Moon Wiring Club. Study Series 02, ‘Cycles & Seasons’ is by The Advisory Circle, whose Mind How You Go was recently released in expanded LP format by Ghost Box. It includes ‘Seasons Change’, a “special vocal version” of the Advisory Circle track ‘Seasons’  by Hong Kong In The 60s.

As the series progresses we’re told to expect new work from the Ghost Box artists and “new music, collaborations and remixes by a variety of guests including Mordant Music, Moon Wiring Club, Jonny Trunk, Hong Kong in the 60s, Xylitol, and James Cargill & Trish Keenan (of Broadcast).”

The 7″s are designed with typical class by Julian House; the design and the name Study Series is intended as a homage to the series of BBC schools albums of the 1970s.



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