El Guincho is set to release a series of limited 12″s featuring his own interpretations and rearrangements of South American standards and lost classics.

The series is called Piratas de Sudamérica, and the Guinch recorded the tracks for the first 12″ at his Barcelona home “with limited frequency response” before mixing them down to tape. Julieta Venegas features on ‘Mientes’ and Adrián de Alfonso contributes to ‘Marimba’. Each of the planned 12″s will feature five tracks and special guests, and they herald El Guincho’s sophomore LP Pop Negro, due to drop in Autumn.

The first Piratas de Sudamérica 12″ will be available to buy on vinyl from July 21, but you can stream the EP in its entirety over at piratasdesudamerica.com (er, the site appears to be down at the second, but that’s where you need to be).

1. Hindou (originally by Orefiche y Valdespi)
2. Cuerpo sin Alma (traditional)
3. Mientes (originally by Miguel Matamoros)
4. Frutas del Caney (originally by Felix Benjamin Caignet)
5. Marimba (originally by Noro Morales y Miguelito Valdés)



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