Available on: Numbers 12″

‘Baggage Handler’

Glasgow’s Numbers label is currently the name to drop in electronic circles, and this latest dubstep toe curler from Kavsrave only adds to the internet froth surrounding them.

Croydon’s Kavsrave may not be Scottish, but his debut displays a music brain bolted together from the same love of synths and hard-wired electronics as Hudson Mohawke or Rustie. Quotes features a trio of clipped, R’n’B-loving dubstep bombs which marry strict rhythms to sweet vocals before using buzz-saw basslines to hack the partnership to pieces.

‘Baggage Handler’ is the key track here, a menacing Timbaland-style beat wrapped in the same purple packaging that Joker serves his tracks in. Lush and expansive, it’s a marriage of past and present that’s so familiar it sounds as if it’s been dancing in your ears for years. ‘Pclart’ and ‘Tighty Closed’ add to the neon pressure; both built from sturdy robo-funk and throwing big enough shapes to pull off the sweetness of their crooned vocals.

Jim Ottewill



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