At least M.I.A. stayed busy this Bank Holiday.

You probably know by now about the whole hoo-hah between M.I.A. and New York Times writer Lynn Hirschberg, where after an uncomplimentary in-depth profile of the singer, written by Hirschberg, M.I.A. decided it would be a well-reasoned response to post the writer’s phone number on Twitter and encourage people to call it.

Anyway, there has been a twist in the tale! M.I.A. also Tweeted that day promising to post an “unedited version of the interview” on her website over the weekend. And as promised, she has, in a series of audio clips titled ‘War Crimes and French Fries.’

And get this: the best line of the entire piece, “I kind of want to be an outsider,’ [M.I.A.] said, eating a truffle-flavored French fry”, seems to have been a bit of a set-up, after the grainy audio clip appears to expose Lynn as the one who suggested ordering the fries, adding that the New York Times would pay for them. Clearly there’s no winners here – just losers if one of the quotes of the year turns out to actually be a bit of a scam.

Oh, and M.I.A. has also posted a new song on her site, a vocal of Various Production’s ‘Hater’ titled ‘I’m a Singer’. You can stream that on the same page.

Photo: Ryan McGinley for The New York Times



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