Available on: PTN 12″

Doc Daneeka hails from Swansea, perhaps the least likely birthplace to an artist peddling UK funky, but is chasing a similar vein of tropically fresh house music as the likes of Julio Bashmore and the Well Rounded roster. The Deadly Rhythm EP is his first 12” single as well as the first release on Ramp’s new PTN sub-label and displays all the twisted, rubbernecked funk of his more hyped peers.

Following remixes of indie band Delphic, Venom and Damage and Digital Mystikz, Deadly Rhythm is a fine opening salvo from Daneeka; four slabs of colourful house almost possible to avoid getting physical to. ‘Bumble Bee Riddim’ balances a dancer’s sampled grunts with a subtle cone-crushing low-end wobble while ‘Swine Flu’ manages to go deep yet retain its sunshine with a rhythm reminiscent of Rice Crispies being drowned in milk.

Deadly Rhythm is a superb release from yet another young producer delivering the goods while wearing the weight of internet expectation. UK dance music’s health and sound has never been so rude.

Jim Ottewill



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