Hip-hop supervillain DOOM will release a new live album this Autumn.

This is obviously funny for one main reason: the man formally known as MF Doom has frequently caused controversy in recent years by not turning up to gigs, instead sending “DOOMposters” to perform in his place – imposters who, according to many reports, look nothing like the real deal.

Either way, this will be Doom’s second live album, and will be titled Expektoration. According to Prefix Mag, it’s split into two acts from a Doom show in New York on September 14, 2009. For the first act, Doom mostly performs material from 2004’s MM…Food, and for the second, his classic Madvillainy LP with Madlib.

An intermission follows, before Doom plows through a selection of tracks from 1999’s Operation Doomsday and King Geedorah’s ‘Change the Beat.’

Expektoration will be released this Autumn via Gold Dust.

Photo by Dom Savini for All Hip-Hop



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