Available on: Slit Jockey digital

Picked up by Starkey’s Slit Jockey label, ‘G41’ is the first release on the label by Maya ‘8Bitch’ Medvesek, backed with a remix by Rustie.

‘G41’ opens with its edges obscured like a half-coated sandsnake, not sounding too dissimilar from the distorted Ugandan Methods 12” released late last year on Downwards sub-label DN. Gradually things start to take shape, with electro chords creeping across the track’s spine, and a second layer of percussion emerging mid-way through the breakdown for a large second drop. It’s a short track that explores a simple premise, but one which works and needs to be turned up.

Rustie’s remix is way more bolshy, flipping what was quite an earth-toned, subterranean original with clashing drums, fizzing synths and explosions of colour that sound like cans of paint being chucked against walls in one of the funnest tracks he’s done.

Tom Lea



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