Over the past months Type Recordings have been releasing classic early albums by Thomas Köner on vinyl. The second part of the reissue trilogy, following Nunatak, and proceeding Permafrost, is out this week [the new Permafrost edition is not out yet, contrary to what we said earlier].

Teimo was originally released in 1992 via the Barooni label, and is a further refinement of Köner’s uniquely dark and dub-infused ambient sound that’s hard to describe without recourse to the dread word ‘glacial’.

Germany’s Köner has a cult following across the fields of techno, ambient and sound-art. One half of the now defunct Porter Ricks, who released several important records on Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus’s Chain Reaction imprint (including the 1996 album Biokinetics),  he has collaborated with the likes of Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3) and Max Eastley over the years.

1. Illira
2. Andenes
3. Teimo
4. Neive Penitentes 1
5. Neive Penitentes 2
6. Neive Penitentes 3
7. Teimo (Schluss)
8. Ruska

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