Trouble and Bass leader Drop the Lime’s 2010 will involve a new album, at least one new single, and compiling the 53rd FabricLive compilation.

First off, the single. It’s called ‘Sex Sax’, and it’ll be released through Trouble & Bass on June 21. You can download a Bart B-More remix for free right here. Other remixers on the release will include Sinden and MJ Cole, and there’s a video in the pipeline made by fellow Trouble & Basser The Captain.

On August 9, Drop the Line, real name Luca Venezia, will release FabricLive 53, the latest installment of the club’s long-running mix CD series. No tracklist yet, but according to Venezia, “I wanted to create a vibe with the mix… start off on a calmer note, and build it up to a climax but keeping it musically diverse and special, incorporating cutting edge left field club music with old and classic club and rockabilly songs. I added my own vocals doing VIP versions of other people’s songs to capture what I do as a DJ live.”

Then later this year, there’s a new Drop the Lime album. His first full length since the oft-overlooked We Never Sleep (Tigerbeat6, 2006), Venezia promises “a blend of my heavy bass club style with rockabilly and Ennio Morricone-inspired guitar hooks and bluesy/old NY/Chicago style house vocals.” More news as we get it.



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