June 28 sees the release of Interference‘s self-titled debut album, some 28 years after it was originally recorded.

Even in the cultish world of no wave New York, Interference were a cult concern, disbanding before they could achieve anything like the canonical status of DNA, Lydia Lunch et al. The group – comprised of Anne DeMaranis, David Linton and Michael Brown – formed against the backdrop of the NoiseFest at White Columns Gallery in 1981. DeMaranis, co-curator of NoiseFest with Thurston Moore, had previously played in an early incarnation of Sonic Youth, while Brown was a friend and collaborator of both Rhys Chatham (whom he worked with for three years) and the ‘Youth’s Lee Ranaldo.

Adding Joe Dizney to their ranks, Interference cut their album at Radio City in 1982 they recorded this LP at Radio City, engineered by Don Hunerberg (The Ramones, Blondie, etc) and with guest contributions from Elliott Sharp and Swans’ Sue Hanel. Interference was supposed to be released on Josh Baer and Glenn Branca’s legendary Neutral records, but it never actually materialised, and the band called it a day soon after, leaving behind only a small number of self-released cassettes as their recording legacy.

Now The Social Registry – the New York label that has brought us modern classics from the likes of Gang Gang Dance, Telpeathe and Zs – is issuing Intereference for the very first time, having remastered it from the original tapes. It will be released as a deluxe double LP, the second 12″ containing remixes from the likes of David Last, Dolly and QPE. Also included with the vinyl is a free digital download with bonus tracks.

1. Excerpt #1, version 2 (4.32)
2. Interlude 1 (2.17)
3. Contempt (5.38)
4. She Said Destroy (4.22)
5. Interlude 2 (2.25)
6. Number Four (3.30)
7. Disambiguator (Bubblyfish & Glomag remix) (3.04)
8. Interference vs the 13 devils of syncopation (David Last Remix) (6.03)
9. All or Nothing (Doily Remix) (2.56)
10.  QPE #5 Dub Remix (QPE remix) (4.13)
11. Globalization Report Mixx (Bingsang Remix) (6.12)
12.  Interferix (Criterion Remix) (3.09)



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