On August 2 Dumb Angel Records will release a 2xCD James Chance compilation entitled Twist Your Soul: The Definitive Collection.

It was compiled by Chance himself, who has enjoyed a return to the spotlight of late following his recent performance at Matt Groening’s ATP. The first disc contains 14 studio recordings from the 1970s and ’80s, including instantly recognisable classics like ‘I Can’t Stand Myself’ (produced by Brian Eno for the No New York compilation) and ‘Contort Yourself’ alongside less well-known fare; the second disc is comprised of 16 previously unreleased live cuts culled from Chance’s personal archive.

The bequiffed vocalist and saxophonist – born James Siegfried and also known as James White – remains one of the No Wave movement’s most iconic figures, not just for his work with The Contortions and with Lydia Lunch in Teenage Jesus & The Jerks, but also his legendary hedonism and pugnacity. His success and cultural legacy is bound up with that of ZE Records, who released his seminal album Off White among other things. Says Chance:

“The music we created back then was much more than a mere art statement or a vehicle to realise mass-produced fantasies of celebrity – we lived it all the way. Fame, fortune and the music business were virtually irrelevant. We may have been almost terminally self-absorbed, but we were bent on pushing our music and our lives to the furthest limit we could conceive with an undiluted creativity and original style that is still being copied thirty and more years later.”

True saying.


CD 1 (Studio Recordings)
1.    I Can’t Stand Myself
2.    Jaded
3.    Almost Black Part 1 & 2
4.    Off Black
5.    I Don’t Want To Be Happy
6.    Contort Yourself
7.    Sax Maniac
8.    The Twitch
9.    Christmas With Satan
10.    I Don’t Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing
11.    Hyp No Tease
12.    Town Without Pity
13.    The Street With No Name
14.    Icorrigible

CD 2 (Live Recordings)
1.    Intro / Designed To Kill
2.    My Infatuation
3.    Throw Me Away
4.    Twice Removed
5.    Roving Eye
6.    Bedroom Athlete
7.    Devilish Angel
8.    The Splurge
9.    Disposable You
10.    Ain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do
11.    Home Is Where The Hatred Is
12.    Why Try To Change Me Now
13.    Cold Sweat
14.    Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
15.    Stained Sheets
16.    Contort Yourself



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