Today’s Daily Download comes courtesy of Sandra Electronics, the duo of Karl O’Connor and Juan Mendez.

O’Connor is best known as Regis, iconic UK techno producer and boss of Downwards, the label that released the 10″ from which this track is taken. Mendez records as Silent Servant and Tropic of Cancer, and together with Regis is one of the key players in Berlin-orbiting techno gang Sandwell District.

‘It Slipped Her Mind’ is a world away from the lean warehouse techno sound of Sandwell, but no less enchanting. It perfectly distills the duo’s love of late 60s-70s psychedelic fuzz and the grottier textures and attitude of 80s industrial and post-punk, making for a throbbing, buzzing electronic pop juggernaut that sounds like a pile-up of The Velvet Underground, Suicide, Spacemen 3, TG and Amon Dull II. High praise indeed.

Be sure to read our just-published interview with Regis, where you’ll also find two more recent productions from him to download.

Download: Sandra Electronics – It Slipped Her Mind
(Available for seven days)



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