For Volume II in their Hard Ass Sessions series, out now, Portuguese label Enchufada asked four different producers to present their own takes kuduro, the hectic Angolan dance music that runs the road in Lisbon and has been popularised elsewhere by Buraka Som Sistema.

The only conditions were that the participants make tracks inspired by kuduro, and that they be between 135 and 142 BPM. Night Slugs’ Bok Bok, Zombies For Money, Douster and Italian producer Nik Sarno all contribute tracks – we’ve got the latter’s here for you to download free of charge.

As irresistible as candy-floss dipped in ice cream and ultimately about as nourishing, Sarno’s ‘Mana Wasa’ is party music pure and simple, made for instant impact. You can also watch the video below.

Daily Download: Nic Sarno – Mana Wasa
(Available for seven days)



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