A Secret Wish, the classic 1985 album by Propaganda, is being reissued in a deluxe edition.

Originally released on Trevor Horn and Paul Morley’s ZTT Records, A Secret Wish celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Produced by Horn and Steve Lipson, the album was hugely influential on subsequent synth-pop and dance music, with Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore in particular citing it as a major inspiration.

The new edition, out on ZTT va Union Square Music, is a double CD box set. It features the original album in all its glory, complete with hit singles ‘Duel’, ‘Dr Mabuse’ and ‘p:Machinery’, and guest appearances from David Sylvian (Japan) among others. The second disc packs a hefty load of bonus material, including the “complete, unexpurgated” 20-minute cassette mix of ‘Duel’, an unreleased Trevor Horn remix of Dr Mabuse and ten-minute 12″ mixes of ‘Frozen Faces’ and ‘p:Machinery’, as well as a never-before-released Paul Morley remix of ‘Sorry For Laughing’, a cover of the Josef K song.

The classic line-up of Propaganda, once described as “the perfect post punk group” by Melody Maker, numbered Michael Mertens, Suzanne Freytag, Claudia Brücken, Ralf Dörper (later of industrial outfit Die Krupps) and  Andreas Thein. Their camp, dramatic and fitfully brilliant music appeared in films such as Luc Besson’s Subway and John Hughes’ Some Kind of Wonderful, and the promo for ‘Dr Mabuse’ was Control director Anton Corbijn’s first ever video. Check the latter out below.



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