As many electronic music nuts will already know, the long-awaited new album from Oval is due out via Thrill Jockey later this summer.

The last Oval full-length came out in 2001; those expecting more of the same might finds themselves surprised by Oh.

“After years of dissection and denial I wanted to try making ‘real’ music for a change,” says Markus Popp, the only surviving member of Oval’s original three-strong line-up. “The design goals for the short side B tracks were to attain the sense of a familiar sound and ‘ringtone’. While it took me years to get the tech aspect down, the tracks themselves are pretty much recorded live and from here, I am very much looking forward to evolving this setup like a real band.”

Today’s Daily Download is a short new track from Popp that doesn’t appear on the album or preceding single, and we believe it’s your very first chance to hear it.

Daily Download: Oval – Legendary
(Available for seven days)



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