Trunk Records will next month release a one-off, limited edition CD re-pressing of what Jonny Trunk describes as “the best worst album ever”.

The record in question is Leona Anderson’s 1959 offering Music To Suffer By. We’ll let Trunk tell you more:

“Today I bring you news of a terrible thing. Yes, I have remastered and pressed onto CD possibly the best worst album ever. It will not be appearing on vinyl, this is a one off limited CD pressing and that’s it. It’s from 1959, performed by a woman called Leona Anderson and it’s called Music To Suffer By. She kind of can’t sing but her timing is exceptional and her choice of songs impeccable. It’s the sort of recording that goes into your brain and never comes out again. I’ve been stuck with it since the mid 1990s, and still I find myself singing Rats In My Room when I’m least expecting it. There is also a great song about cheese on it, and possibly the finest version of Indian Love Call ever recorded too. And That one from Carmen. I could go on about it for ages but I won’t. It’s a thing of unforgettable madness, badness and torture and I love it.”

01 I Love Paris (1:58)
02 Chloe (3:02)
03 Hep Cat (2:21)
04 Habanera from “Carmen” (2:11)
05 Il Bacio (1:54)
06 Tell Me A Tall Tale (2:24)
07 Indian Love Call (3:06)
08 Limburger Lover (2:47)
09 Giannina Mia (2:22)
10 Rats In My Room (2:11)
11 Yo Ho The Crow (2:06)
12 Italian Street Song (1:32)
13 Fish (2:14)



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