Demdike Stare will return on July 26 with a new album entitled Liberation Through Hearing.

It’s the second in a series of three vinyl-only albums that the Manchester-orbiting duo of Sean Candy and Miles ‘MLZ’ Whittaker plan to release this year, the first instalment being April’s Forest Of Evil. This year also saw the release of a Demdike mix CD, Osmosis,

According to a press release, the LP is “indebted to the blackarts, the occult and Tibetan spiritualism…There are dark currents running through these 6 pieces, each one referencing the six images displayed on the cover art.” That cover art, pictured below, comes courtesy of Andy Votel.

1. Caged In Stammheim
2. Eurydice
3. Regolith
4. The Stars Are Moving
5. Bardo Thodol
6. Matilda’s Dream



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