Berlin record store Hard Wax yesterday posted two new releases from Theo Parrish for sale on its website.

Sketches is an album-length release featuring eight new tracks. Limited to 150 copies and individually hand-painted, Hard Wax sold out of the 3×12″ in a matter of hours, despite a hefty price tag of 85 Euros. It was a similar story for new two-sided 12″ ‘Something’/’Invocation’, also hand-painted and limited to 150, and priced at 30 Euros.

We have no idea whether these releases are exclusive to Hard Wax, or whether they’re simply the first to have stocked them. At the time of writing they’re unavailable from the other usual outlets (Dope Jams, Clone, etc), but Theo fans who missed out yesterday will want to keep their eyes peeled.

Check out sound-clips of Sketches here and ‘Something’/’Invocation’ here.



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