The unfailingly brilliant Aardvarck, now into the 25th year of his career, returns with a new album this month.

Entitled Choice, it follows last year’s digital-only offering, Titi. The backbone of the album is formed from the six tracks previously heard on two recently released Choice On 12 vinyl samplers. While Aardvarck’s sound is generally too amorphous and multi-faceted to pin down, but it’s fair to say the Choice cuts are more or less all grounded in an esoteric, post-dubstep hip-hop idiom – trippy as hell and possessing of a rare delicacy. Fans of Flying Lotus and Mount Kimbie ought to investigate.

There are no less than 21 tracks to Choice; highlights include ‘Je Bent Zelf Raar”s mix of cinematic strings with broken beats and the sleepy-eyed crunk of ‘Breaking Bad’. Mildly irksome Californian MC Gaslamp Killer features on the intro track, but hey, you can’t have everything. The album is available out now on digital courtesy of the Eat Concrete label, with the CD to follow shortly; the aforementioned 12″ samplers are out now.

01 Words by Gaslamp Killer
02 Lucky shot
03 Hoezo
04 Gestolen 21
05 Breaking bad
06 Je bent zelf raar
07 Leuk he
08 Snoeiharde tekno met stoere biet
09 Butsbuts
10 3 tot 1 zonder toaster
11 Grijze bloemen
12 Dik
13 Gegapt dis
14 Vinnik zelf lekker
15 Deadwood
16 Stolen jazz
17 Heal
18 Andys theme
19 Gekaait speedmetal
20 Gevat loop and biet niet
21 Find the cow almost



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