Synth-driven London producer Ikonika will follow her debut album for Hyperdub, Contact, Love, Want, Have, with new EPs for Hyperdub and Planet Mu.

On August 23, Mu will release the Dckhdbtch EP. Opening with ‘Dckhdbtch’, a mournful synth piece that’s been a highlight of Ikonika’s recent DJ sets, it rolls through the creeping, clap-driven ‘Ingredients’ and climaxes on the stunning, almost anti-Balearic ‘Shouldn’t Be Here’. You can hear samples of all three tracks and check the creepy artwork here.

It follows a four-track EP of cuts from Contact, Love, Want, Have “reorganised and optimised” for the dancefloor, released on Hyperdub this month. ‘Look’, ‘They Are All Losing the War’, ‘Video Delays’ and our pick, ‘Psoriasis’ all feature.

You can hear ‘Dckhdbtch’ below.



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