We introduced FACT readers to Becoming Real a little while ago, in a piece where we asked him really inane questions and he sent us really smart replies.

We also put up a bunch of his music to stream, so if you want to be re-introduced, you should check it out. Alternatively, just download this, a new track that Becoming Real’s PR sent us the other day. It’s called ‘The Thing’, and it’s proper clunky hip-hop with little melodies that curl like ghosts around banisters, or something. It’s great, basically – if you’re into Zomby’s Hyperdub work or DJ Elmoe’s disembodied juke, you’ll be well into this.

Becoming Real, real name Toby Ridler, is from South London, inspired by oil spills, and aims to make “weird rhythmical soundscapes that fold in and out on themselves”, taking in footwork, grime and more. He’s about to release a 12” for Ramp Recordings, sometime home of Shortstuff, Tokimonsta and more, and makes ace visual art here.

Download: Becoming Real – The Thing
(Available for seven days)



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