Belgian pop-disco project Aeroplane, once a duo, now a solo project, recently helmed the 500th Radio 1 Essential Mix. On it, they debuted their new single, ‘We Can’t Fly’.

‘We Can’t Fly’ is released today, via Eskimo Recordings. You can stream both the radio edit and the “Extended Drums Mix” that comprises the single’s B-side in full here:

Aeroplane – We Can t Fly (Radio Edit)

Aeroplane – We Can t Fly (Extended Drums Mix)

Aeroplane’s new album, We Can’t Fly, is due for a September release via PIAS. Talking about the group’s split recently, remaining member Vito de Luca revealed that “Stephen [Fasano]’s vision and mine were going different ways.

“That is the reason why we decided that one of us should leave Aeroplane. Not to destroy it, but to make it last.”



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