Richie Hawtin has had his live gear stolen from his hotel after playing a show in Paris.

The techno legend, who recently brought back his classic Plastikman guise for a series of live shows and festival spots, writes on his Facebook that “on Friday night someone broke into my hotel room at Hotel Costes in Paris and stole my iPod and 2 x Plastikman Live iPads (serial #GB01723UZ38 and #GB0129CAZ3A) and my Plastikman Live show Apple Macbook Pro 17″ laptop (serial #C02CK0GXDC7C).”

“I am asking everyone to keep their ears and eyes open for any information about these very important and personal items. I’m offering a 2500 € reward for any information that leads to the return of the equipment.

“Please email me at If found/returned I will NOT prosecute any one involved as I would just like to have my equipment returned.”

All very reasonable obviously, but is it just us that finds it weird that over 100 people have liked the status update on Facebook? Surely if there was ever a think not to like, it’s this.

Plastikman live was one of the highlights of this year’s Sonar festival – you can read our full review here, and check out our photos here and here.



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