So Big Boi, the half of Outkast that’s not Andre 3000, has a solo album coming out.

The story so far: it’s called Sir Lucious Left Foot, everything that’s leaked from so it so far has been great, Andre was meant to be on it but Jive blocked his appearances or something, and it’s been delayed loads but it is now finally coming out, on July 6.

You ready for more news? Good. First off, as well as the regular edition, Lucious Left Foot will be available from in limited deluxe double-vinyl form. Not only do you get the album cut across two marble-white 12”s, you get the album on double-CD, a T-shirt and a custom necklace. You can check out the bundle here. Oh, and if you’re really getting behind the album, you can buy Lucious Left Foot Chuck Taylors from Converse.

Second newsbit: if you head here, you can remix ‘Shutterbugg’, one of those brilliant leaked tracks that we already referenced. Sort of. The parts aren’t available to download, but you can manipulate different instruments in the mix on MXP4’s Play With It application.

And the third, and probably the most exciting piece of news: you can stream Lucious Left Foot in its entirety on Big Boi’s myspace. Hey, where’d you go?



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