Isomorph, the record label founded by designer Kate Moross with the aim of “making music look good”, will release its first ever 12″ on June 28.

We’ve hooked up with the label to offer you a free download of the ecstatic lead track, ‘True Ruin Light Body’. A sprawling, unpredictable epic, at times it resembles the dick-swinging UK funky of Lil Silva and at others the blissed-out Balearic house of Aeroplane or Still Going.

The release is a two-sided affair from Pictureplane, the alter ego of 24-year-old Travis Egedy. To date, Egedy is best known for his collaborations with, and remixes for, the likes of Beirut’s Zach Condon, Crystal Castles, HEALTH and Thieves Like Us. He released his debut full-length, Dark Rift, in 2009.

Pictureplane’s sound is, broadly speaking, a kind of grotty, psychedelic and synth-heavy 4/4 that invites comparison with the likes of Black Dice, Spencer Clark and Teengirl Fantasy. The latter actually contribute a remix of ‘New Mind’ to this package, adding to the three Pictureplane originals, ‘True Ruin Light Body’, ‘Cyclical Cyclical’ and ‘Fifth Sun’.

As we’ve come to expect from Moross and previous Isomorph releases, the design is pretty special.

“The sleeve artwork was developed after many image exchanges with Travis,” she says, “with an aim to bring his cosmic vision to print. On it we see layered vortexes interacting with iconic runes and hidden typographic characters.”

Download: Pictureplane – True Ruin Light Body
(Available for seven days)



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