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Helmed by Martin ‘Blackdown’ Clark and his partner in production Dusk, Keysound is a label with a record of discovering and pushing extraordinary pieces of music, reaching a peak earlier this year with LV and Josh Idehen’s phenomenal 38 EP.

With Enter in Silence, the four track debut EP by LHF – a collective comprised of Double Helix, Low Density Matter and Amen Ra – the label shows no signs of erring towards the predictable. Creating something utterly separate from the current trajectories of electronic music, disconnected from the ebb and flow of trend and favour, LHF seem completely blind to the lines between genres, occupying a no man’s land between no man’s lands.

Double Helix’s ‘Deep Life’ sits between the dark ripples of 2005 dubstep and the manic rhythms currently permeating London’s dancefloors. Helix’s drums batter and drive forward with utter purpose, as they do in Amen Ra collaboration ‘Broken Glass’, where drunken rhythms stagger through the track – equally relentless but with unsteady footing.

Low Density Matter’s ‘Blue Steel’ meanwhile is an entirely absorbing soundscape, the dizzy rhythms of Horsepower Productions lost amongst the cries and calls of distant jungles. Flitting cries and bursts of Silkie-smooth saxophone wrap around the song’s irrepressible kick rhythms and animated sub-bass, over layers of thick, visceral atmosphere.

Whilst no one track sees all LHF members collaborating together, these hazy lines of membership seem to suit the collective just fine. Allowing themselves the room to experiment and develop individually, Enter in Silence offers four tracks that are stunningly individual but share similar genetics, with an overall sound that simultaneously conjures visions of the furthest reaches of the world and the crackling familiarity of London pirate radio; the dark futurism of classic dubstep and the tumbling trip-hop of Los Angeles – essentially, a masterpiece of aural escapism.

Mike Coleman



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