Crystal Fighters are set to release their debut album in September, and to whet your appetite we’re premiering Shortstuff’s remix of their latest single, ‘In The Summer’.

The ‘Fighters – recently streamlined down to a trio (pictured above) – have managed to keep themselves interesting since emerging a couple of years back with the single ‘Xtatic Truth’ and a Kitsune compilation appearance. Their percussive, incantatory sound apparently takes inspiration from Basque folk and contemporary London club music both.

Shortstuff will be a familiar name to many FACT readers, being as he is one third of the Blunted Robots crew with Brackles and Martin Kemp. As a DJ and producer – having released records not just on ‘Robots but also Punch Drunk, Ramp, Berkane Sol and Planet Mu – Shortstuff blurs the boundaries between dubstep, grime, garage, house and dancehall, making for a sound that’s tough as nails but luridly colourful to boot. His remix of ‘In The Summer’ is a whirlwind of nifty drum edits, bone-shaking subs, dotty synthesizer lines and chopped vocals; usually when dancefloor producers attempt to remix bands, the results are neither-here-nor-there, but Shortstuff acquits himself beautifully, honouring Crystal Fighters’ vision without compromising his own.

You can download the original version of ‘In The Summer’, and a further remix by Tek One, over here. Crystal Fighters are playing live with the superb Blondes in London tonight, July 6, at Hoxton Bar & Grill. More info here.

Download: Crystal Fighters – In The Summer (Shortstuff Remix)
(Available for seven days)



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