Available on: Swamp 81 12”

What is David Kennedy on? Already responsible for some of the best tracks of the year under both his Ramadanman and Pearson Sound guises (we’ve only just got over the wonder that was ‘Glut’ and the jungle-influenced ‘Don’t Change for Me’), the Hessle Audio co-founder steps up again with a release on Loefah’s ever-expanding Swamp 81 label.

Lying on the B-side, ‘Fall Short’ is clean and stripped back, nodding to Kennedy’s more minimal early work with a distant vocal sample that perfectly compliments the track’s unique blend of longing synths, subtle sub-bass and 808 drums. But of course, the real gem of this 12” is ‘Work Them’. Big on the playlists of all our favourite DJs, it’s effectively the sequel to Addison Groove’s ubiquitous ‘Footcrab’, sharing those infectious snapping drums and the sort of vocal that gets any dancefloor going, demanding an instant reload whether on a club soundsystem, the radio or the tube home.

Zainab Jama



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