David Bowie‘s 1976 album Station To Station is to be reissued in Special and Deluxe editions on September 20.

The Special Edition offers a new transfer of the album from its original stereo analogue master, and adds two CDs capturing Bowie’s concert at New York’s Nassau Coliseum on March 23, 1976. The original artwork is restored, and there’s a bonus digital download in the shape of an unedited, 13-minute alternative mix of Aladdin Sane cut ‘Panic In Detroit’.

The Deluxe Edition is housed in a 12″ box, and features the 1985 mix of Station To Station plus a bonus CD with five single edits, a DVD featuring four alternative mixes of the album, plus both Station To Station and the Nassau Coliseum concert on vinyl. As if that weren’t enough, there’s a 24-page book with notes by Cameron Crowe, unreleased photographs, a replica of Bowie’s 1976 tour press kit and more – see below for full contents, and check out pictures here.

Station To Station is one of Bowie’s most distinctive and enduringly fascinating releases, written and recorded at the height of his death-defying cocaine addiction, and acting as a key stepping stone from his glam era material to the sombre majesty of the Berlin trilogy (Low, “Heroes”, Lodger). Its eerie combination of funk and more austere, Teutonic textures would later prove hugely influential on post-punk era bands such as Magazine and The Pop Group. The album was co-produced by Bowie and Harry Maslin at LA’s Cherokee Studios; asked about his host city at the time, an increasingly paranoid, occult-dabbling Bowie suggested that”the fucking place should be wiped off the face of the earth”.

Despite the atmosphere of dread in which the album was conceived, it’s not without its uplifting moments – ‘Golden Years’, for all its bitter irony, is surely one of the most ecstatic and accessible songs in the Bowie oeuvre.


CD 1: 2010 transfer of Station To Station
1. “Station To Station”
2. “Golden Years”
3. “Word On A Wing”
4. “TVC15”
5. “Stay”
6. “Wild Is The Wind”

CDs 2 & 3: Live Nassau Coliseum ’76:
1. “Station To Station”
2. “Suffragette City”
3. “Fame”
4. “Word On A Wing”
5. “Stay”
6. “Waiting For The Man”
7. “Queen Bitch”

1. “Life On Mars?”
2. “Five Years”
3. “Panic In Detroit”
4. “Changes”
5. “TVC15”
6. “Diamond Dogs”
7. “Rebel Rebel”
8. “The Jean Genie”

Digital download bonus track
1. “Panic in Detroit” (Unedited alternative mix) – 13:09


CD 1: Station to Station 2010 transfer
CD 2: Station to Station 1985 CD master
CD 3: Station to Station single edits five track EP

CD 4 & 5: Live Nassau Coliseum ’76

1. Station to Station (original analogue master, 96kHz/24bit LPCM stereo)
2. Station to Station (new Harry Maslin 5.1 surround sound mix in DTS 96/24 and Dolby Digital)
3. Station to Station (original analogue master, LPCM stereo)
4. Station to Station (new Harry Maslin stereo mix, 48kHz/24bit LPCM stereo)

Vinyl 1: Heavyweight 12″ vinyl of Station to Station from the original stereo analogue master in replica sleeve
Vinyls 2 & 3: Heavyweight 12″ vinyls of Live Nassau Coliseum ’76 in gatefold sleeve

David Bowie on Stage 1976
* Replica Nassau ticket from night of the show
* Replica backstage pass
* Replica A4 biog
* Replica band line-up
* 3 x 10×8″ press shots

1976 Fan Club Folder
* Replica fan club membership card
* Fan club certificate
* 2 small collector cards
* 2 A4 photo cards
* Replica 4-page biography
* 2 badges
* 6 panel folded Steve Shapiro photo poster of Bowie kneeling



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