As previously reported, post-punk legends The Pop Group have reformed.

The band, led by Mark Stewart and Gareth Sager, will play a couple of club dates to “blow the dust off the old songs and pick up where we left off.”

Taking influence from dub, funk and skronking jazz, The Pop Group’s sound was comparible to that of New York no wavers like James Chance, but had an earthiness to it that was unmistakeably born of Blighty. The inclusion of their punchy, politically motivated albums Y (1979) and For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder? (1980) in the canon remains deservedly secure.

29 years after splitting, the band are back together with all original members – Stewart (vocals), Sager (guitar, keys, sax), Bruce Smith (drums) and Dan Catsis (bass) – present and correct. They’ll perform for two nights at The Garage in London, Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 September. Tickets are available now.



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