John Lydon, erstwhile Sex Pistol and founder/mainstay of Public Image Limited, has revealed that LCD Soundsystem are funding a documentary film about PiL. [EDIT: DFA and the band’s management have just confirmed that LCD are definitely not funding a documentary film about PiL].

The as yet untitled documentary, directed by Alex Mar and produced by Artists Public Domain, is centered around footage of PiL’s 2010 US tour, which took place in April and May of this year. Asked in an interview with The Guardian whether it’s true that LCD are backing the film, Lydon says:

“Yes. They are a strange bunch of people but I like them; they share the PiL philosophy. They have raised the money to film a documentary of our US tour. Can you think of anything better playing on your TV or in your movie house? Me on stage. Me in my underpants on a bus. Ha! It will be inspirational…to all those with a mind to be inspired.”

[To reiterate: despite what Lydon says, we have confirmed that LCD are not funding the film. Why Lydon said that they are is beyond us – we can’t help but feel that the malign influence of Country Life butter may have something to do with it.]

In the same interview, Lydon lays into Jay-Z and his “pointless” stage explosions, but claims a surprising affection for Vampire Weekend:

“[…] I was quite taken with Vampire Weekend with their safe jumpers and Casiotone music. They were very kind about PiL and charming. I think their music owes a little to us…”

What are Lydon’s thoughts, The Guardian‘s Michael Odell wonders, on the passing of Malcolm McClaren, the Sex Pistols’ larger-than-life svengali? Does he miss him?

“Malcolm McClaren didn’t inspire. He took credit for things he didn’t do. So fuck him. I’m not great at dealing with death, I have to say. I find death very hard: my mum, my dad, Sid Vicious. I’m not a monster; I feel it and it scares me. One death at a time please is all my heart will bear.”

In the small hours of Sunday morning, PiL played a headline set at the Benicassim festival in Spain that ended in an argument. As the band came to the end of the song ‘Religion’, Lydon ordered them to carry on playing, but they didn’t hear, and they stopped. “Keep on fucking playing!” Lydon yelped into his mic several times. Clearly confused, the band played the end of the song again, before leaving the stage.

“Public Image Runaway Ltd,” concluded Lydon. “It looks like I’m all alone, as per fucking usual.”



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