Australia’s M-Division label is soon to release The Africa Jet Band Experience, a new album by Danny Wolfers.

Dutchman Wolfers is best known for his electro and Chicago-style house productions as Legowelt, though he makes a great variety of synthesizer-based records under numerous different aliases, including Smackos, Florenza Mavelli, Phalangius and Nacho Patrol. It’s the latter project which gave rise to The Africa Jet Band Experience.

Wolfers first used the Nacho Patrol guise in early 2009 for a brilliant 12″ of bastardised African pop on Amsterdam’s Kindred Spirits label. This EP of FX-drenched, high-life-inspired alchemy was followed by a more sombre, soundtrack-style effort, The Maze of Violence, for MinimalRome. Then, towards the end of 2009, M-Division signed and released a fine mini-album from Nacho Patrol, Nacho Patrol Presents…The Africa Jet Band.

The new album is a sequel to that record, but this time is credited to The Africa Jet Band rather than Nacho Patrol.

Wolfers says: “It’s called The Africa Jet Band Experience (I didn’t invent that title they tought it up at the M-Division A&R department). Six dusty tape-saturated afrofunk exploitation tracks on vinyl LP. There will also be an Africa Jet Band CD with both this and the earlier Africa Jet Band LP and some bonus tracks (that’s a fancy word for leftover tracks that didn’t make it to the vinyls).”

No exact release date as yet, but we anticipate both the vinyl LP and CD will be out in September. You can listen to clips of the tracks here.

1. Stars Over Africa
2. Ghetto Compressor
3. No Angry People
4. Fuzz Party
5. Salambo Dance
6. Solomonic Destiny



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