Crystal Fighters are set to release their debut album, Star of Love, through Zirkulo Records on September 20.

The London-based trio, who in their own words “make fast dance music with Basque instruments, synthesizers and our voices”, have created a collection of tracks inspired by the writings of singer Laure’s late grandfather, which touch on love, death and, er, the omnipotence of the sun.

Since the release of their Kitsune single ‘Xtatic Truth’, the group have been honing their combination of lurching electronics and traditional Basque instruments, including the tabor (rope-tuned snare drum) and txistu (pipe whistle). Basque music also informs their songwriting: ‘Champion Sound’ riff is lifted from the Basque folk piece ‘Sagar Dantza’ and recent single ‘In The Summer’ draws upon music heard at the Carnival of Lantz in Navarroa. You can download that track here.

1. Solar System
2. Xtatic Truth
3. I Do This Everyday
4. Champion Sound (Luke Smith Mix)
5. Plage
6. In The Summer
7. At Home
8. I Love London
9. Swallow
10. With You
11. Follow



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