The Arcade Fire’s third LP, The Suburbs, comes out early next month.

As you might have guessed, there’s a lot of hype around it – the Canadian band’s debut, Funeral, is comfortably one of the best indie albums of the last decade, and its follow-up Neon Bible was far from shabby. Fans have already had the opportunity to hear ‘The Suburbs’, the first single from the album, and recently were able to check out a snippet of another track from the record on this Spike Jonze-directed video.

Anyway, now you can hear 30 second samples of each track on the album, courtesy of Seattle radio station The End, who’re streaming it on their website. You can also check out hi-res versions of all eight covers for The Suburbs here.

The band will be broadcasting their upcoming Madison Square Garden show on Youtube. Full details here.

Update: The End have now removed the streams from their site, but have uploaded them to Soundcloud:



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